How I did it

Okay, you've read my story . You've seen the pictures, and now you want to know what I did right? Well, if you mail me a self addressed stamped envelope and $10, I will send you my secret.

Still reading? Okay, you really don't have to send me money. I will tell you for free - but if you already put the money in the mail, don't worry...I will buy something good. Okay - so my secret?

Everything you hear those nutty nutritionist's say - DO IT…they actually know what they are talking about! It hard - it is a pain in the ass. But guess what? It works! I work out about 5-6 days a week. Yep, it sounds like a lot - but if you want to be healthy ("skinny") then you have to do the work. If you want something bad enough, you will do the work.

If you are right now reading this and saying to yourself "okay - whatever, I don't have time to work out that much" then you know what? stop reading. Just stop right now. If you do not want to work out and you do not want to eat healthy then FINE! Stop complaining and wasting everyone's time, save yourself the frustration and embarressment of failing and stay the way you are. I know, that was kind of harsh - huh? Reality. Welcome to the real world. Life is hard :) If you want something, you will have to do the work to get it. I am a real person. I did this by myself. I am real, what I did was real, and you can do this too!

Here are two of my favorite quotes from a book called "Skinny Bitch":

"Stop being a moron and start getting skinny! If you can't take one more day of self-loathing, your ready to hear the truth: You cannot keep shoveling the same crap into your mouth every day and expect to loose weight."

"Junk food will never go away. It becomes more alluring by the minute with laboratory-developed aromas, artificial flavors, chemical food colors, toxic preservatives, and heart-stopping hydrogenated oils. We know these are impossible to resit, but no one ever got skinny on junk food. Use your head. Candy bars, potato chips and ice cream taste like heaven, of course. But they will pitch a tent on your hips and camp out all year long."

I have worked my ass off. This is no joke. I have spent hours at the gym, given up things that I used to think were important to me, been subject of many jokes, and lost friendships. But look at me now. You can do this too. You have the determination in you, just stop trying to use it on quick fix surgeries and diets. You can do this. You just have to make a few changes. You can do this too. Take it one day at a time, set small goals, focus on being healthy. You can do this!